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Organizing Education: New tools and strategies for young activists of European Teachers' Unions

One of the main problems for teachers’ unions in Europe is to motivate people to participate actively. There are often quite a lot of new members who join the unions but only a few want to work for the union in their free time and fight for their interests and rights. It is obvious that teachers’ unions in Europe are dealing with similar issues, so we plan to bring young activists of European teachers’ unions together for a seminar to talk about campaigning, organizing strategies and possibilities to create public awareness of problems at school.

Here is an excerpt of the seminar’s central questions and planned program: What motivates us to engage ourselves in a union? What are opportunities and obstacles for successful campaigns? How can we be on the one hand on the move and do useful things for the union as well as for us and on the other hand be relaxed and act without having to struggle with a too heavy workload? While attending a school visit to Max-Brauer-Schule: How can school connect with and influence its direct neighbourhood? 

We are looking for 20 active union members who want to broaden their horizons on new tools for union work. The seminar is open to European applicants of teachers unions as well as German GEW members.


Further information on the program: 

• discussions and group work 

• local cultural visits  (based on groups interests)

• community organizing: How can we learn from urban-artistic interventions? 

• ethnographic methods  (e.g. mapping)

02.11.2017, 17:00 Uhr
06.11.2017, 12:00 Uhr
Internationales Bildungszentrum dock europe e.V.
Bodenstedtstr. 16
22765 Hamburg
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Leitung: Petra Barz

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